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At SYREFL, we have a proven track record of delivering top-notch engineering solutions in the energy and construction sector. Our creations and counsels are the testaments of our capabilities, allowing us to acquire numerous commissions from our valued clients.

Petronas Twin Tower

Building Management System Upgrade to Suit Green Building Index (GBI) Requirement at Petronas Twin Towers

Malaysia’s Green Building Index (GBI) is one of the world’s top 3 green certifications of choice. To achieve this, we help our client to integrate systems and applications to gain comprehensive business intelligence, assuring data consistency across all systems. We also provided a purpose-built solution to help them maximise uptime and efficiency, and IoT energy consumption monitoring system, allowing real-time tracking of power consumption for multiple devices.

Project details

Client:                                                KLCC Urus Harta Sdn Bhd

Main Contractor:                            UEM Edgenta Sdn Bhd

Systems:                                            Schneider Struxureware

Communication Protocol:            BACnet, Modbus and Infinet

Project Duration:                            2016 - 2020


  1. System Migration & Integration Works
  2. Power Monitoring Expert (PME) System
  3. Energy Consumption Monitoring System
  4. Energy Consumption Monitoring System

Istana Negara Malaysia

Building Maintenance at Istana Negara Malaysia Complex

The Istana Negara grounds are spread out over 28-acres – within the compound is a beautiful garden, swimming pool, horse riding track, shooting range, lake, an indoor badminton court and tennis courts. For safety purposes, there is a guardhouse for members of the Royal Malay Regiment and at the main entrance, similar to Buckingham Palace, are two guard posts on each side of the arch with members of the cavalry in full dress uniform.

Istana Negara is divided into two sections: the East Wing and West Wing. The East Wing is home to the Balairong Seri – the throne room of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, which is only used for official and ceremonial functions. This is the room most often seen in pictures and telecasts of the palace; it sometimes serves as a banquet hall.

Project Details

Client:                                 Istana Negara Malaysia

Main Contractor:             Widad Builders Sdn Bhd

Project Duration:             2015 – 2019


  1. Interior Design
  2. Electrical Works
  3. Landscape
  4. Civil works

Ulu Slim Hydro Power Plant

Global Hydro Energy System Installation for Ulu Slim Hydro Power Plant

Mini Hydro plant at Sungai Slim, Ulu Sim – Perak, generating 6MW of electrical power consist of 2 Francis Turbine (3 MW each)

Global Hydro is one of the world-leading company in the field of hydropower plant technology that offers sustainable package solutions for a plant’s entire life cycle. In this project, we used the Global Hydro package solution as part of our Energy Efficiency Solutions

Project Details

Client:                  Panzana Enterprise Sdn Bhd

Equipment:         Global Hydro Francis Turbine 3MW

Location:             Sungai Slim, Ulu Slim, Perak


  1. Turbine System Installation
  2. Control System
  3. Hydraulic Power Pack System
  4. Power distribution

The scope consists of installation, testing, commissioning, and Dry and Wet test run


MYTV Broadcasting Infrastructure for Peninsular Malaysia

Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) started transmitting in 2016, with MYTV as the infrastructure and sole provider of myFreeview for a 30-year concession period. In this project, we were commissioned to carry out the hardware installation and software configuration, from the installation of the transmitters to cable management, of the broadcasting infrastructure in Peninsular Malaysia.

Project Details

Client:                  TM (Telekom Malaysia)

Maincon:             Huawei

Location:             Peninsular Malaysia (West Malaysia)


  1. Hardware Installation & Commissioing
  2. Software Integration, Upgrade, Setting and Calibration



Traders Hotel, KLCC

Building Maintenance & Services for Traders Hotel, KLCC

Waterproofing protects the structure against water infiltration, which is imperative for critical mission facilities such as hospitals or even a five-star hotel. In this project, we performed roof treatment and waterproofing system for the hotel. Chiller plant cooling system is commonly used to maintain consistency in room temperatures of a hotel. Our task included retrofitting and maintaining the current chiller plant room insulation system.

Project Details

Client:                  Traders Hotel, KL

Department:       Engineering Department


  1. Roof treatment
  2. Waterproofing System
  3. Chiller Plant Room Insulation System

As no two projects are alike, we ensure that every project requirement is meticulously examined, from conception, execution to the conclusion.

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