Energy Performance Contract

A dynamic engineering solution for manufacturing plant or factory to help reduce energy consumption thus securing higher profit margin

what is h-epc

Energy Efficiency

Method to use lesser energy to produce same output by means of identifying potential loss or waste. It involves intricate process of reduce, adjust, retrofit, replace and enhance to achieve best result in energy conservation

Energy Management

Method to adopt specific system to ensure proper usage and improved energy efficiency within an organization for continual enhancement towards energy consumption process. Given that Syrefl is an Energy Saving Company (ESCO), H-EPC complies to the standard of ISO 50001 and MS 1525.

Alternative Energy

Though this is not a form of energy saving measurement, it boosts up total cost of any energy saving project


Three-pronged elements that bring one solution

H-EPC Benefits

Monetary values through technical efforts

Zero Cost Solution

Syrefl finances total project cost throughout energy assessment, engineering proposal and subsequent project implementation

Speedy ROI

Short contract tenure as minimum as 3 years and customizable according to desired saving target, company preference and industrial requirement

Pay Per Saving

Client pays the entirety of project from savings made through allocated OPEX within stipulated contract tenure

High energy consumption

Possess equipment or machinery with high electrical consumption such as HVAC, chiller, or boiler

Exceeded Certain Duration

The facility has been in operation for more than 10 years without performing any major operational changes.

High Mass Production

Have huge customer demand that constantly needs high operational output

The Most Suitable Busineses

Bringing The Best Out Of H-EPC Towards These Establishments

why h-epc


The war is not won by bayonets, but with effective organization

Zero Investment, Premium Solutions

No initial investment needed from CAPEX allocation to implement premium energy efficiency solutions including asset upgrade or parts replacement performed within contract duration

Reducing Operation Cost

Premium solutions offered by H-EPC will reduce the electricity bills while maintaining the production rate and output

Additional Monetary Benefit

Enjoys additional tax reduction as part of government initiative to promote green energy among private sectors. Example of tax reduction initiative are Investment Tax Allowance (ITA), Income Tax Exemption (ITE) and Green Investment Tax Allowance (GITA)

Enhancing Company Image

Direct assistance for client to be certified with MS ISO 50001: 2011 – Energy Management Systems (EnMS), a form of energy accreditation under Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI)

Optimize Efficiency

H-EPC will opitimize equipment efficiency to the comfort level and production-based

Predictive Maintenance

Determine the condition of the equipment in order to estimate when maintenance should be performed. This approach promises cost savings over routine or time-based preventive maintenance

Life Span

Predictive maintenance and efficient usage will lessen the wear and tear effects over the year, hence, improving its life span


New technology and high efficiency equipment will improves the property and asset value


Without proper knowledge, asset will turn into liability


Nurture the nature to guarantee a better future

Reduce GHG Emissions

Factory with lesser usage of electricity contributes to lesser needs to burn fuel e.g. coal, natural gas in order to generate energy. This will then reduces Greenhouse Gas emission as a result of burning said fuel

Reduce Carbon Footprints

More efficient factory fundamentally contributes smaller contribution in total carbon footprint such as during land clearance or goods manufacturing

Reduce Pollution

Optimized and efficient factory will lessen common polution usually caused by industrial sector like noise and heat pollution


Predictive maintenance, less breakdown or unplanned downtime and on time production output will reduce excessive overtime works, and improve the morale of the workers


Reduce physical and mental fatigue as well as lost time injury caused by fatigueness


Comfort level usage of air-conditioning, lighting and other equipment, refreshing air quality and


The heart of any companies lies within its people


Projected Savings

To project how much percentage that client could enjoy upon H-EPC implementation

Savings Parameters

Perform thorough assesment towards 6 parameters (HVAC, lighting, control system, building & location, production line, auxiliary services) to find energy saving opportunity

Contract Duration

To determine shortest contract duration according to client targeted energy saving percentage


The hardest step to take is always the first

Design & engineering

The essence of innovation is design

Having high efficiency equipment during starting method as well as having better performing field devices will result in much improved HVAC system
Selecting the right type of lighting source, CCT and illuminance design are the keys to improve energy performance in facility while allowing it to have better ambience
Automation provides facility not only with supervisory element, better control and precise data acquisition but also be able to optimize energy performance in the same time
Evaluation of suitable location for optimum solar harvesting potential and also determining daylighting opportunity to reduce energy demand from existing lighting fixtures
Occupancy-based operation sequencing is a form of procedure that works to reduce energy consumption by keeping the equipment in standby mode upon no active usage
By stabilizing starting current for every motors and pumps involved in production line, it will improve maximum energy demand, of which it is responsible in contributing approximately 10% towards current electricity bill


Perform project installation according to approved design proposal

Testing & commissioning

Perform proper testing upon commissioning any new or improved asset installation

Contract Duration

To determine shortest contract duration according to client targeted energy saving percentage


To understand the best is to work on its implementation

Operation & maintenance

Operation is The Key To The Whole Success


3 Years

Full savings from H-EPC implementation could be enjoyed as early as 3 years


H-EPC guarantees minimum savings of at least 30% from current electric bill


Client will be entitled to full ownership of project implementation after contract ends

Projected Savings

The main objective of H-EPC Implementation

saving mechanism

It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan

To monitor how H-EPC performs after been implemented, a form of baseline will first be projected using past data of energy used as per electric bill against total production output

Another parallel line representing H-EPC will be projected according to saving target

This H-EPC line will then follows baseline, always be lower in value, as to ensure production integrity in relation of energy needs are not being tampered with

Energy Performance Contract

H-EPC is more than just a solution that could reduce electric bills in a factory. It will bring many benefits towards organization, asset, workers as well as environment. Think of it as a guardian that will safeguard company interest in ways of optimization an efficiency indefinitely.

H-EPC. Your Industrial Energy Savings Partner

As no two projects are alike, we ensure that every project requirement is meticulously examined, from conception, execution to the conclusion.


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