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One of solar energy biggest drawback is the need for land acquisition. The requisition of a wide and clear area to harvest significant solar energy. Some might suggest installing solar panel on the roof. Others might take controversial approach by allocating land before bulldozing surrounding area. 

What will happen if your building’s roof is not suitable to install panels or you want to avoid head-butting with local environmentalist groups?


the origin

Concept Origin

The concept of floating solar is to fulfil and to support solar harvesting effort in order to guarantees future sustainable energy source. It is a subset of Large Solar Structure (LSS). Other subsets of this category are ground mounting solar and roof mounting solar.

Early Phase of Innovation

American, Danish, French, Italian and Japanese nationals were among the first to register patents for floating solar although the first succesful installation took place in Japan in 2007.

Other Floating Solar

Despite having the same name of floating solar, it must not be confused with floating concentrated solar power (CSP). Floating solar in question refers to a system where photovoltaic (PV) panels are mounted on floating platform and not mirrors.


Floating solar exploits the massive availability of ocean region as well as water bodies on land. It works by installing solar array over water surface rather than on ground


The configuration of floating solar consist a few major components; solar array, floatation foam to afloat the solar array, mooring line, pre-wired unit, power cable and substation/control room.

Cost Efficient

It is reliable, flexible as well as having virtually low cost compared to other solar photovoltaic structures. Also, water-borne solar installations are much quicker to build compared to fossil-fuelled power stations and can be ready in a matter of months, while coal, gas, hydro generators take up to three years to build and nuclear plants take much longer

The Overview

the trivia

World's First Floating Solar

Firstly installed in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, in 2007

Malaysian First Floating Solar

First Malaysian floating solar is installed in Sg Labu Water Treatment Plant in Silak Tinggi Reservoir, Selangor

Global Presence

Asian countries is leading in floating solar installation capacity with China accounting for three quarters from total global installation as of 2019. Malaysia is also contributing to said number with project installation that could generate up to 150 MW, second behind Vietnam for South East Asian countries.

Future Projection

Malaysia targets to generate around 14,530 Mw energy per annum through floating solar

Rising of the Floating Solar

The total installed capacity of floating solar will expected to elevate from just over 1.3GW at 2020 up to 4.6GW by 2022, according to The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI). While that growth is certainly exciting, it’s still just a small share of the total 586GW total installed global solar capacity.

Malaysian Largest Floating Solar

Malaysian largest floating solar is located in Dengkil, Selangor. It is built on an abandoned mining lake and able to generate 13-megawatt peak (MWp) worth of energy at any given time .

why floating solar?

Large scale solar malaysia

The Potential

Maximizing Existing Facility

Given that floating solar is installed on water surface, it provides opportunity to maximise existing facility like water treatment pond or cooling pond that is common in large factory. Other than that, floating solar could also capitalize water surface in hydropower dams. Since such dams already equipped with substation and grid access, the installation cost will relatively be cheaper.

Increase Efficiency

One of solar panel drawback is risk of overheating. The heat accumulated throughout harvesting process contributes towards asset depreciation. In the case of floating solar, the water underneath it offers cooling effect and lengthen solar panel lifetime. In addition, it improves panel efficiency to yield more energy output.

Higher Yield

Contrary to mechanical device used in a tracking system for ground or roof mounted solar panel, floating solar would capture more solar radiation since it is able to turn around on its vertical axis with ease.

Better Water Quality

Upon floating solar panel installation, it provides shades over water surface. This will minimize water evaporation and temperature increment. Moreover, it helps to prevent harmful algae from contaminating water bodies, making it safe for consumption as well as improving state of aquatic ecosystem.

Land Preservation

Floating solar panel will eliminate needs for deforestation or land clearing. It can utilize readily available water bodies such as lake, abandon mines, reservoir and many more. Consequently, this will save land resources to be used for other beneficial purposes.

Large scale solar malaysia

The Environment

Large scale solar malaysia

The Implementation

Ease of Commisioning & Decommisioning

Floating solar panel could save millions in land expropriation cost. It does not need site formation, trenching work, foundation and other costly construction works. Upon installed floating solar reaches its limit, it can easily be taken apart only by detaching its mooring.

Energy Savings

Potentially saves up 60% from current electrical bills for maximum granted solar harvesting.

Mature Technology

Floating solar only difference compared to conventional solar is its floating system and not photovoltaic cell. Thus, floating solar could already been implemented with no worries over its solar harvesting capabilities

Overwhelming Support

Since floating solar is hugely advantageous towards the environment, it easily receives support from numerous parties especially from the government. This situation provides benefit in sense of speeding up the bureaucratic process during planning stage

On-going Research

Although floating solar requires calm water to avoid damage towards its structure, there is relentless research been carried to weigh possibilities of installing floating solar on ocean surface while reducing risk of damage. This work will pave way for a bigger opportunity in utilizing untapped resources in form of ocean area

Large scale solar malaysia

The Opportunity

Advantages Over Others

Syrefl is supported by Xiamen Mibet New Energy Co. Ltd., a high-tech enterprise, specialize in manufacturing solar energy related products. Through this partnership, Syrefl is able to offer first-class solar photovoltaic mounting system solution, leveraging on Mibet high reputation and expertise.  

The Advantages

Can realize either array of double row with same or symmetrical facing, able to take full advantage to increase solar power generation efficiency and installation capacity.

Passed scrutinized tests to ensure its reliabilities like Hunt Water Absorption Test, Anti-Aging Test and Anti-UV Test.

Capacity to bear pulling force is much higher than others within floating solar category.

Minimum of 25 years lifetime

Floating solar system that is compatible with any existing solar module or size

Highly durable and easy to operate


Floating solar is not a replacement of traditional land-based solar installations, but a new option for renewable energy that complements existing technologies by unlocking fresh opportunities for deployment to ensure sustainable development.

This is surely a reliable floating solar solution for you

As no two projects are alike, we ensure that every project requirement is meticulously examined, from conception, execution to the conclusion.


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