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Building Automation System In Malaysia

Flexibility for fully automated building system

Providing building automation system in Malaysia utilising centralised, networked systems of hardware and software for supervisory, control and data acquisition of a building’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting and other systems.

Keep the building climate and lighting level within a specified range of comfortable level, so that the system is operated according to occupancy and energy demand.

Building performance monitoring to reduce building energy and maintenance cost (performance monitoring & correction).

Capability for open and proprietary communication protocol in integrating hardware and software.

Energy Savings

The ultimate advantages associated with building automation system is optimizing your building’s energy consumption. For instance, you may program the office lights to turn on and off according to working hour. Additionally, a program for an adaptive temperature controls shall be made, hence, it is unnecessary to fiddle with the thermostat manually.

Cloud-based System

As the technology of Internet of Things (IoT) has been widely developed, any sort of calibration on the system shall be made from anywhere, as long as there is connection to the internet network. Modern building automation technology is typically cloud-based, so that it is accessable from anywhere around the world, either to turn off the light, change the temperature setpoint and many others.

Enhanced Comfort

A building automation system routinely and automatically adjusts the building’s temperature levels and lighting, which makes it simpler to maintain an intelligent facility. By improving the comfort of occupants, Building Automation Systems also help minimize complaints. This leads us to our next point – productivity.

Boost Productivity

When you install a Building Automation System for your business, you are implementing smart programmes and control systems that make your workplace highly organized and structured, which ultimately boosts overall productivity. Apart from keeping your employees comfortable and productive, Building Automation Systems also enable your electrical systems to function more efficiently, without damaging them or leading to expensive repairs. Thus, it saves your daily business operations from any disruptions caused due to machine failures or damages.

Real-time updates

Because you can access the technology from across the globe, Building Automation System allows you to receive real-time updates regarding your company’s building. For instance, if a cold snap sets in and your office becomes too cold, your system could send you a notification asking you to adjust accordingly.

Integrated Building Management System

Better building management system in Malaysia

Single and comprehensive Building Management System Malaysia with integration of Building Security Systems (BSS), Building Automation System (BAS), Power Monitoring System, Fire Fighting System, Energy Management, Facilities Management System and others building systems.

A Smart Buildings Approach

Embedding IoT and digitalization into buildings can create large opportunities to not only enhance asset performance but also improve usability. From optimizing the operation of HVAC equipment to creating an automated lighting distribution system, IoT can make a real difference in the life of building operators and users alike through the installation of smart sensors, big data analytics and intuitive user-operated applications.

Enhanced Security

Besides providing a single and comprehensive building management system, Integrated Building Management System also provides your operation with improved security. You can implement electronic access control through your building automation system, which allows you to grant only select employees access to sensitive areas throughout your campus. Additionally, building automation systems often include integrated security camera software.

Total control

Rather than operating separate pieces of software for every aspect of your building’s management, building automation systems provide you with absolute control over your structure in a conveniently accessible format. This means you can dedicate employee time and resources that may have been spent managing your building toward other projects.

An autonomous solution for a smart hotel system ?

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