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What are the secrets for successful companies?

There could be numerous factors. Good management. Great product. Intensive sales. Engaging marketing. Vigilant finance. Frankly, there is a lot to be considered upon trying to emulate those who had made it big. The ultimatum is quite straight forward. Anything that is being performed properly to achieve company goal.

Given that every company’s main goal is to achieve profit, it is a no brainer to first investigate two aspects: revenue increment and cost reduction. Ironically, these two aspects are inter-related despite belongs to different sides of an accounting book.

Rule of thumb: you tweak one, it will affect the other.

It brings us to another important question.


We will not state the obvious. By now, you are familiar with Business Management 101 already. Thus, we will look at an area of which often get neglected. Specifically, facilities management.

Facilities management (FM) is a professional management discipline focused on the efficient and effective delivery of support services for the organizations that it serves. Often, FM function is often reduced only to serve maintenance role towards equipment and building. Realistically, FM has huge untapped potential to contribute for company’s growth and sustainability.

These are some advantages that FM could offer:

  1. Uninterrupted Workflow

Some companies employ corrective maintenance. This mean that maintenance works for equipment and machinery will be performed only upon damage or inoperable. This causes time losses and affect production rate due to line shutdown during maintenance works take place. By seriously looking into FM capacity, they could consider other forms of maintenance. For instance, preventive maintenance, where maintenance works is planned much earlier as to avoid production line downtime or service disruption.

  1. Longer Depreciation

Asset depreciates over time. It is inevitable. Yet, that is not supposedly taken as a dead end. Comprehensive FM will ensure longer asset depreciation. This happens when FM takes proactive approach as to periodically observes changes or adopt solution to better optimize asset operation.

  1. Increases Production

Workers are undeniably integral in respect of companies’ production. To help them to be effective, one must pay close attention to the working environment. Comfortable surrounding will boost morale and consequently drive higher rate of production output. In addition, upon equipment and machinery optimization, it will help workers to complete any task or assignment much earlier.      

Here in SYREFL, one of the elements we take pride of, is the ability to provide engineering solution for both companies’ infrastructures and organizations. Through our attentive approach and attentive solution, we develop segmented approach to better serve FM needs.

Building Technology Expert (BTE)

  • This segment helps to cater every facet of your building automation systems. With BTE solution being scalable and practical, it complements existing automation system and adaptable towards future business avenue. BTE covers two sub-segments: Building Automation System (BAS) that handles automation-related matters and Integrated Building Management System (IBMS) that handles system integration matters.

Building Facilities Services (BFS)

  • It is mandated for facilities to be well-maintained due to safety and health concerns. Furthermore, maintenance must be performed regularly to guarantee built environment performs its intended purposes according to designated functions. Hence, BFS segment focuses in providing proposal for upgrading or refurbishment works. In addition, it proposes cost-effective strategies for general works such as landscaping and cleaning works as well as other building maintenance requirements.

In essence, SYREFL is a one-stop solution for Facilities Management needs. As saying goes, “too many cooks spoils the broth”. Having one provider that could manage different requests is surely beneficial.        

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